Monday, March 25, 2013

Totally Dylusional....

...or just loving Dylusions

Wow...I have been away from the blog for I am trying to burst back into your lives in this splash of wonderfulness (not sure that's a word)

As you will hopefully be aware we have a fab little design team and here is one of our latest additions of work from one of our fab ladies.

Pauline has created a beauty of work with the Dylusions Sprays and a combination of the Bee Crafty Stamps.  Since we (Bev) have been making them I can not for the life of me figure out which on is my favourite, The Banksy range is awesome, I love how they can't be defined in terms of what are they for, who needs definition when they are as great as they are!  In addition the Backdrops have also been thrown in there. 

I love the explosions of colour, and to be fair the picture isn't as explosive as it is in the flesh, the collison of the inks as they have hit the card, and the way they look with the Pink card behind it is just lovely (I love me a little pink and black combo).  Quite frankly it all just works and I wanted to share it all with you.

Thanks for reading

Sam xxx


Heidi Bound said...

fun! Love the bright colors...the black pops against them!

butterfly said...

Really stunning! Love how the colours all zing off each other!
Alison x

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