Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Marleen DT - Mixed Media

Hey everyone..

I have something completly out of my comfort zone to share today.
I have made my very first mixed media page for Bee Crafty.

Ive had a play with mixed media before but never on this scale.
I often see these beautiful pages and cavases done with paints and loads of goodies but never had a go myself. I often play with pastes and even with paints but REALLY mixing it all together, ive never done.. till today..

I wont write how ive done this page as such, simply cause its layers and layers of trial and error. It was hours of playing mixed with a good bit of frustration. Would you believe me if I said this page was a fair bit black and red at some point?? 

Never the less.. I LOVE the end result and really feel I managed a finished result that Im proud of.
Its a page that may not look like much to others, but for me..  I learn A LOT making this page and Id definately try again.

My sentiment stamp that was my inspiration for the whole page is a Bee Crafty stamp called "Greatness Word" and is from the "Inspired by Banksy" collection.

Find it in the STORE with all the other fantastic goddies :-)

And that is all from me for today.
Many thanks for popping by and for any comments left behind.

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