Sunday, July 30, 2017

Paula DT - Girl on the Swing

I like to work on an idea and maybe make slight changes as I re make it. I could imagine a lot of people might find that uninteresting but there is something quite amazing about only changing something small but it changes the dynamic of the piece. I'd really recommend giving it a go, don't be afraid if it doesn't work out because at the end of the day, its only a bit of paper.


Inspired by Banksy ~ Swing
WORDage ~ Time Flies
Snowflake Flurry
Inkables Template ~ Metal Work Alpha
Distress Ink Pads : Peacock Feathers and Mermaid Lagoon

  1. Take a 6x6 card blank and stamp the girl on the swing. Stamp her again on to a piece of copier paper, trim out and use her as a mask.
  2. Ink over the right hand corner with Mermaid Lagoon.
  3. Using the Inkables Template and Peacock Feathers DI, randomly stencil over the Mermaid Lagoon area.
  4. There are some dots on the Snowflake Flurry stamp, either cut them off the stamp or just ink them up and randomly stamp over the inked area.
  5. Flick some water over the inked area either using a paint brush or your fingers. Wait a second and then dab dry with a piece of kitchen towel.
  6. Ink the Time part of the time quote and stamp. Take the other quote stamp and only ink the word Flies and stamp.
  7. Remove the mask from the girl.

So, I've taken the above idea but transferred it in to a box frame. This time the girl on the swing has been stamped on to a separate piece of paper then cut out. The girl is attached to the back of the mount by the top of chains of the leaves her free floating and gives the piece depth.



craftimamma said...

I love both pieces Paula but the 3D effect from cutting the girl out and leaving her free is amazing.

Lesley Xx

Tracey Thurston said...

Wonderful pieces Paula, love the frame, so 3D 😃

Julie-Ann said...

Definitely one of my favourites and just love the imagination with using the dots off the snowflake

Dotty Jo x said...

Wow! Jo x

Brawny said...

Absolutely fabulous x

Angelnorth said...

Two fabulous pieces Paula, love the subtle shadow achieved by the separation of the swing and the background in the framed piece!

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