Sunday, June 12, 2011

Have you seen the SMASH books?

One of the biggest things being launched at the American Craft Trade Show CHA was the K&Co Smash books, however whilst some people rave about them others have been doing a similar thing for years with altered notebooks.

A smash book is a book for ideas, so you can allocate them to specific projects, e.g Weddings, House Move, School etc or you can also just do a general SMASH which is what I am doing.
You stick, note, doodle, etc things that catch your eye take your fancy etc, you can't always use everything you want on a Scrapbook layout so I see a SMASH book as all the bits in between. Also as I would never handwrite on a layout (worse than a spiders scrall :) ) I will in my smash book which I hope my daughter will like when she's older

I have Decorated a spiral bound notebook in a very non me way which was soooooooo much fun. I am something of a symmetrical balanced sort of card and layout person, but I have done my SMASH book is very scribbled school book stylee, my husband sets its messy but I love it. It will definately not be to everyones taste but it was so much fun to do something different :)

SO here are the piccies

I will definately be making more of these possibly with more defined topics in mind but I do like just having somehting I can make notes, stick ideas, bits and pieces of other things in, will update every now and then with NEW photos of the inside :)

Bev x

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