Thursday, November 29, 2007

Hey you guys

Hi there

Sam here - been a while since i last spoke to you so thought i would nip on and see how we are all getting on!

Shop is mental busy - orders coming in and out of our ears - new goodies arived today so i stroked the lovely papers for a while and then put them out - had to take one of each for myself aswell though - so so nice!

Oh and we have these new felt flowers too - they will be on the website soon for you all but me and mum are on our own this week as Bev is off she is growing my niece/nephew so is preparing for the arrival!!!!!

25 Days 13 hours and 47 minutes until Christmas - hope your all planned - still plenty of nice goodies in here though if your not - and more coming in on a daily basis now - i know having been the one to be opening the boxes!!!!

Well on that note i must dash - still loads to do and being as its Mum's Birthday i want her to get at least one day this week home on time - Bevs cooking for us all - what a darlin!!!!!!!!!


Sam xxxxx

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Blimey it's been ages since I popped in here. How have you all been, well I hope. Well at the moment I'm having a very pleasurable day off, only spoke to the shop 38 times, been in once and refreshed the website on and off al day so yes, a good day off.................................

We've now got our Christmas lights on and a few dec's in the shop. I say a few that's because with all the new stock there is only a bit of space. We are still expecting quite a bit of stuff including the Disney carts for the Cricut and the paper Dolls too. I think Santa is going to have his work cut out this year with the amount we have put by and already gone out - those poor little reindeer's.

Keep your eye on the website for our Christmas opening hours we will be doing a few extra over December and remember we are open this Sunday 2nd Dec. so pop along and see Sam. She's boss that day and will be able to help with all your crafting queries. We are also putting kit's together, topic specific. so if you know what area of crafting you want we will put a kit together for you, be it Scrapbooking, Cardmaking or Jewellry making.

Finally I'm having what I consider to be a well earned holiday next week so look out for my return as you never know what I might bring back with me...........nudge nudge

So I'll say goodbye for now......
Julie xx and friend

Friday, November 02, 2007

Good Morning

Morning everyone and welcome to a new month with more exciting things coming into Bee Crafty. We have the Bind it All coming in this monthe plus loads more goodies there has been loads of New Additions over the past few weeks, and I hope all of you who are doing Christmas Cards are getting on okay. Personally I'm rubbish after all my wonderful plans of getting really organised really early I have done absolutely bu&&er all (pardon me). I really wanted to but I'm just rubbish.

Sam is currently attempting to teach a Mini Books workshop this morning and they've brought sweeties so I will be abandoning my desk and joining in soon :). The boss has just been and handed me a pile of post, cheers mate, I tell you everytime I get post it seems to have a blooming VAT return in it so that's what I'll be spending the next while doing.

I've got my first parentcraft class next week, quite excited should be good, but I feel like I'm going to support Dave rather than the other way round as I've done nowt but read up over the last gawd knows how many weeks so hopefully I'm pretty well informed. Well I'm going to go peeps and start working my way down this post and getting the overnight web orders posted and I will speak to you again soon :)

Bye Bye

Bev x
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