Friday, November 02, 2007

Good Morning

Morning everyone and welcome to a new month with more exciting things coming into Bee Crafty. We have the Bind it All coming in this monthe plus loads more goodies there has been loads of New Additions over the past few weeks, and I hope all of you who are doing Christmas Cards are getting on okay. Personally I'm rubbish after all my wonderful plans of getting really organised really early I have done absolutely bu&&er all (pardon me). I really wanted to but I'm just rubbish.

Sam is currently attempting to teach a Mini Books workshop this morning and they've brought sweeties so I will be abandoning my desk and joining in soon :). The boss has just been and handed me a pile of post, cheers mate, I tell you everytime I get post it seems to have a blooming VAT return in it so that's what I'll be spending the next while doing.

I've got my first parentcraft class next week, quite excited should be good, but I feel like I'm going to support Dave rather than the other way round as I've done nowt but read up over the last gawd knows how many weeks so hopefully I'm pretty well informed. Well I'm going to go peeps and start working my way down this post and getting the overnight web orders posted and I will speak to you again soon :)

Bye Bye

Bev x

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