Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Oi Oi

how the devil are you - its been a while!!! that Beverley Jayne wouldn't let me blog - just kidding! wish i had the time!!!!

Well whats new - erm its was my birthday couple of weeks ago for which my wonderful parents got me the best part of a silhouette machine - bev bought me an awesome hairdryer - i have a lot of hair for those of you that don't know me - and hubster got me a new mobile - so all in all i can dry me hair talk to people and cut stuff out - HOWEVER NOT ALL TOGETHER - dont try this at home!!

The shop is so exciting at the moment - new stuff in every day i can't keep up myself its brilliant - having the best job in the world is a blessing i must say - i only wish i could stop trying to take everything home.

Keith is brewing nicely - for those of you not aware (keith has been mentioned before) keith is the bump shape that bev is hiding under her jumper -so basically she is either ironing her t-shirts over a wok or oh my goodness - SHE'S PREGNANT!!!! yayyyyyyyyyyyyy i'm going to be an Aunty!!!!! i can't wait and as daft as i am most of the time can i just say from the bottom of my heart how wonderfully happy i am for her!!! ooh what a girl i am!

Anyway back to the shop - loads of new stuff as i said - and more to the point lots of bits n pieces in the pre christmas clearout bins - lots of bargains to be had.

We are also lucky to have an extra pair of hands in the shop this week by way of Rachel our lovely work experience girly - she's a great asset with buckets of knowledge and crafty experiencefor someone of her age a meer 15 - oh them was the days - anyway she's going to pop on and give you a quick hello then i'll come back to wrap it up for today here goes.................

Hmmm.... what shall I say? Well this is my third day of work experience and so far it's been great. In between wondering whether skeletons have bums or not and making a couple of stack-its cards, I've done a bit of work. There's some new goody boxes to have with lots of lovely embelishments in them - I just wish I had a bit more money. Only two days left before I have to go back to school :( and then I have to do boring work. I'm not sure what else to say except for a great big thank you to everyone at Bee Crafty for welcoming me here and letting me have a play with all their goodies. I can't think of a better work experience than this as I get to see all their new stock - I just keep getting more and more ideas. Anyway I'll leave you with Sam who's going to finish her MONSTER blog.

I'm back - right just to clarify the skeletons bum thing - Rachel bought me and bev chocolate lollies today and mine was a skeleton and i merely pointed out where the stick was.

Ok guys me thinks thats more than enough for one day so you take care and keep up the good crafting!!!!

speak again soon

Sam xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

1 comment:

Karen said...

Well - what can I say.....skeletons and bums???....the mind boggles. What are you teaching that poor young impressionable 15 year old I ask myself!!!
Nice to see you bloggin' Sam (shame you are still a month behind everybody else.. never mind dear!) and Rachel - that was brilliant - well done!
Might be in to see you all tomorrow! MOVE THE DUCK!
I have known about Bev for a while and am sure that everyone who knows her wishes her, Dave and bump (Keith???) all the best for the future!
Take care all
Love Karen x

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