Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Oh my goodness

Well there is just a few days to go now and the new shop is taking great shape with the new areas marked out and bits and pieces making their way over there now - however the vast majority of stock is still in Port Street its a bit squished up but its all there! lol

Nice to see so many of you today and thank you so much to everyone who has offered their help - we will shout as an when we need it - and to everyone thanks so much for your continuous support through this very exciting time - I am getting all giddy about it now - just so very exciting!!!!

I am also looking forward to the open day - did I mention we have 2 remarkable demonstrators coming for the day!!!!

The new creating Keepsake magazine turned up today and its another fabulous edition with some great ideas and inspirations. In my opinion this is a benchmark magazine with some of the most up to date work in - well put it this way I bought my own copy today.

Well that's it for today - as always much to do!

take care

Sam xxx

Monday, June 23, 2008

Manic Monday

Well well well

Here we are again - how are you all - 6 days left - CRAAAAAAZY!!!!

Ok so first of all hope your all well and getting some crafting done - As you can imagine we are working hard getting this new shop all ready and beautiful for you all!!!! This time next week you will all have had the opportunity to come and have a look at the new shop find your way around - we will still be finding our way then too!!!!

So bearing that in mind - who fancies a bargain? Well we do have some budget 12x12 papers in at 25 p a sheet - not bad I hear you say - well they are ten for a £1 at the moment. There are also lots in the Bargains and bulk buys so come and get them as they are going quick!

Have you had a look at the Thomas (my son has bought one of everything already) so as soon as I get time to do something with it for him I will post it and show you - this range is absolutely fantastic and alongside all of the sandylion papers the quality is brilliant!

Now as some of you may know the Zig pens (brushables/calligraphy etc) are amongst my very favourite of products to work with - well on the open day 12th of July we have one of the demonstrators from ZIG coming into the shop to demonstrate these products to you all day - this will be a great opportunity to view the range and how best to use it.

Well much to do so back to it for now

take care

Sam xxx

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

other card pics I promised

Well hiya

Terrible isn't it - I promise you more piccies and my computer chucks it and won't work. Seems to be working for the short term now though so here we go.

Hows things? Hope you are all well - 11 days until we move peeps and the New shop is taking shape with the men of the family (with close supervision from mum) doing the fixtures and fittings in every piece of spare time they have!

So these card pics I promised

This is Bev's card - its a decoupage watch layered up with the 3-d foam squares - as Bev's cutting out is very good it looks perfect however because of the great quality of the cutting sheets it does make it easier for those of us (me) that don't decoupage too brilliantly!

ok my card now

Ok so it was A5 with papers from the Retro stack cut and layered with a heat embossed birthday stamp and some border stamps.

Well there we go that's it for the cards - we were all very pleased with what we came up with - and luckily Dad seemed to like them too!

So who hasn't got a Cricut? more importantly who wants one? All very cryptic I hear you say. So with that if you would like the chance to WIN A CRICUT personal cutting system then on the open day we will be running a competition for you to win this item. Also between you and me I might have heard her say that there could also be second prize of a Cuttlebug - that is 2 Major prizes that could be yours on just entering a competition!

Also the boxes of new products have been rolling in so as of the 1st of July these will be available at the new premises!!!! I'll be updating you on the move every day now and let you know how things are going - remember we only close for 1 day so no loss of service or supplies.

As always take care

Sam xxx

Thursday, June 12, 2008

It's Daddy's Birthday


Well first of all a great big Happy Birthday to my Daddy!!!!!!!! Those of you that visit the shop at a weekend will have seen him mooching about and at the moment he is the Chief shop-fitter for the new premises - my hubby and bev's chappy are helping (or hindering) somewhere along the way!! Super Big thanks Dad!!!

Well it's my Day off today and as normal I managed to pop into the shop - only very briefly on the way back from the dentist though, so not much to report on the goings on inside Bee Crafty today however as mentioned we have all had some cards to make today so I thought I would tell you about them!

Ok first up is the card that Alex (with some help) made for Grampy!

Nice and straight forward using black and white layers. I have cut out the Happy birthday from a Scrapbook page (any greeting would work) and then just used some Glittered letters for Alex's pet name for his grandad - Grampy!!

Next up is the Voucher Bev made for his pressie (we are clubbing in for his pressie but I wasn't genius enough to come up with such an idea)

Printed on some nice cardstock and glittered letters for the heading - brilliant!

I will add some more pictures of the other cards tomorrow - I think they are fab.

Also before I nip off just a quick reminder that there are still bargains to be had in both the clearance and bulk buys sections and as I have said before these are on a first come first serve basis so get in quick.

Right past my bedtime!

Take Care

Sam xxx

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Hey guys

Could someone stop time please? no? OK well we'll just carry on as we are you will all know by now we are in the process of relocating the shop to the most beautiful of places but as you can imagine its taking its time and toll on everyone and there's still all the normal jobs to be done. With that in mind can I just say a great big "YOU'RE FABULOUS" to mum and Bev - they really do work so hard!!!

Right then today..........well the shop was awash with babies - so with this in mind I was having a good look at the Nana's kids baby papers - they are wonderful! Again another wonderful creation from the DCWV collection! I mean they do these ranges in 12x12, 8x8 and 6x4 so there really is something for the card makers and the scrapbookers amongst you. They are classic in the manner that they are sectioned into mainly blue or pink but I think they give the scope for so much whilst retaining the essence of what they are.

Half way through the year now....who's done their Christmas cards. I've done a few but need to obviously do more however I quite like the Maime by Anna Griffin papers for this even better as they are 20% off at the moment. They have some fantastic embellishments to go with them too so that makes the cards come together quicker also.

Well on that note ladies and gents I shall be off.

Take Care

Sam xxx

P.S Don't forget to put the 12th July in your diaries for the Open Day!!!!

Monday, June 02, 2008

I'm back!!!

Well hello guys n girls

I'm so sorry its been a while, have a good reason which I'll get to in a minute.
Anyhoo - how are you all? What are your latest projects and passions in the crafting world?
Mine are the new K&Co Blue Awning range. Its absolutely gorgeous and can be found here should you like a look.

Now I did have a little spending spree of my own last week and got some along with the Grungeboard Alpha's at the weekend and here is what I came up with at our monthly crop yesterday..............

Now as some of you will know the little dog in the picture is my beloved Holly (bear) at the magnificent age of 15 and a half she made her trip up to the kennel in the sky 2 weeks ago.
I found this a great range to match her perfectly golden coat and sparkly eyes - it was very emotional but I feel that these are some of the best pages I have accomplished not only with pictures of the cutest dog in the world but with some of the most perfect products on the market right now.

If you take a look at the product link there you will find everything on the first page and aside from the grungeboard everything on the second page too.

OK emotional bit over.....4 weeks tomorrow guess what........we open the doors to the new shop!!!!!! It is the most exciting time with some wonderful things in the pipeline. There are some fantastic workshops on the timetable and with a new bright and fresh workshop with great facilities for even more people to join in!!! More room, more projects, more fun and with these great topics brought by experienced crafters its sure to be an experience for everyone......with some cups of tea and the occasional rock cake if your lucky!!

There are still bargains a plenty in the bulk buys section but remember its all first come first serve so with the savings available don't think about it too long as the supplies will only last so long, and do keep check on that section as we are adding products all the time.

Well think I have rabbitted on for just about long enough today - I'll be back soon!!!
Take care
Sam xxx
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