Monday, June 02, 2008

I'm back!!!

Well hello guys n girls

I'm so sorry its been a while, have a good reason which I'll get to in a minute.
Anyhoo - how are you all? What are your latest projects and passions in the crafting world?
Mine are the new K&Co Blue Awning range. Its absolutely gorgeous and can be found here should you like a look.

Now I did have a little spending spree of my own last week and got some along with the Grungeboard Alpha's at the weekend and here is what I came up with at our monthly crop yesterday..............

Now as some of you will know the little dog in the picture is my beloved Holly (bear) at the magnificent age of 15 and a half she made her trip up to the kennel in the sky 2 weeks ago.
I found this a great range to match her perfectly golden coat and sparkly eyes - it was very emotional but I feel that these are some of the best pages I have accomplished not only with pictures of the cutest dog in the world but with some of the most perfect products on the market right now.

If you take a look at the product link there you will find everything on the first page and aside from the grungeboard everything on the second page too.

OK emotional bit over.....4 weeks tomorrow guess what........we open the doors to the new shop!!!!!! It is the most exciting time with some wonderful things in the pipeline. There are some fantastic workshops on the timetable and with a new bright and fresh workshop with great facilities for even more people to join in!!! More room, more projects, more fun and with these great topics brought by experienced crafters its sure to be an experience for everyone......with some cups of tea and the occasional rock cake if your lucky!!

There are still bargains a plenty in the bulk buys section but remember its all first come first serve so with the savings available don't think about it too long as the supplies will only last so long, and do keep check on that section as we are adding products all the time.

Well think I have rabbitted on for just about long enough today - I'll be back soon!!!
Take care
Sam xxx

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Anonymous said...

Hi all - it be me!!!
Sam the pages you did of Holly are beautiful - I saw them at the crop as you know - but as it was so emotional for you I didn't say much. Holly was beautiful - I didn't see her many times but she was so friendly and stuck up for herself when necessary, with the Pup. You were meant to get that pup - Holly arranged it all for you so you wouldn't be lonely before she went. I really believe this.
Anyway - I hope you are all keeping really BUSY getting ready for the big move. I can't wait but please don't put any wooden ducks around as door stops - my chair just seems to aim for them!
Take care all of you - see you soon
Love Karen x

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