Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wet Wednesday


Can I just firstly point out I am fed up of the rain already so if someone could sort that out for me then that would be fantastic!!!

Today we were busy packing orders this morning - nice to see you getting the benefit of the lower postage rates at the moment. the nice thing is having customers so far and wide - long way up and a long way down.

Whilst I was in the scrapbooking area of the shop this morning I had a good look at the DCWV Spring Stack - its gorgeous!!! lots of pinks and lemons - very sherbetty (if that's a word) almost edible - I think because it comes in all the sizes (as with all of the stacks made by DCWV) it just makes it available to everyone in the paper crafting hobby i.e card makers and scrapbookers. I think that can often be a misconception - scrapbooking papers are for scrapbooking .....and so on and so forth. I think nowadays the wonderful papers and cards on the market these days are useable for all sorts of papercraft - no limits as it were.

The other thing we have (as a team) been looking at and using the last couple of days are the Woodware unmounted stamps. These are sheets of clear unmounted stamps that used in conjunction with an acrylic block and coupled with heat embossing/watercolours and various other mediums create wonderful images. Obviously with them being clear they have the benefit of seeing where you are stamping. They consistently give a crisp and clear image with clear lines for colouring and embellishing. The other benefit is being able to use the word stamps in this range for bending round any corners or apertures you may be working with.

Well that's me for another day - hope your all doing something crafty

take care

Sam xxx

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Totally Tuesday

Evening Ladies and Gents

Firstly please accept my sincere apologies for not writing sooner - been v v busy with one thing and another.

Well can I just say that the new Tim Holtz grungeboard is the most fantastic thing ever - I gave in and took some home at the weekend - its fantastic to work with and the fact that its textured gives you so much scope within the colourings sphere. I have used several pieces of mine already and will definately be getting some more.

I also tried some of those HOTP silk flowers - great quality with strong colours that are easily matched with various papers and inks - I managed to match up the colours to these very well with the cats eye chalk inks - good fun playing with colours and guys don't be scared to throw in some mad colours together - they often contrast a lot better than you would think!

Yesterday we had a brilliant medallions workshop in and the ladies that attended were fabulous and took home a wonderful creation - Nice work ladies!

There was also a delivery of a great little magazine - Creating Keepsakes - some fantastic ideas and inspirations - once again try and remember the things in these magazines are there to inspire you and give you a point in the right direction - aswell as going along with what they do and recreating their images and items - do take them and produce your own spin on it - and don't be shy send us some piccies - we like to see what you do with the things you take home from the shop.

Well I will be back sooner than you know it so take care and happy crafting.

Sam xxx

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Workshop Wednesday

Good Evening

Well today was very productive - we have completed the workshop lists and got them uploaded to the website - Bev and I managed to get it all sorted out. I have also managed to get more of the Jolly Nation decoupage sheets cut out and layered up - they are so nice and the quality is fabulous - very nice designs bringing even more versatility to the range.

Oh that embellishment storage I told you about yesterday - here's a piccie............

See lots of pockets and cubby's for all of the crafty bits we all use.

Have you seen those new pre-cut waterfall card sheets - all the ingredients and instruction sheet for a waterfall card - they also have co-ordinating backing sheets which go alongside some of the die cut decoupage sheets that we stock - these create lovely cards and are suitable for all levels of capability.

Was nice to see some of our regular customers in today and equally nice to see new faces and welcome them to the hobby we are lucky to have some of the best customers around. Also because I love talking about the shop and different aspects of the crafts we do seeing new people is fab because I have probably chattered the ears off everyone else - I just get so excited though those of you that know me will already know that.

Well that's me done for another day

Take care

Sam xxx

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

It's Tuesday!

Evening all

Well yesterday was so busy I didn't even get time to blog and today has been my day off so its sit down and tell you all about it time.

Yesterday was mad busy we had a couple of deliveries - some of those beautiful twinklette pens they are fabulous and can be used for plenty of different things - journalling, edging even just writing cards. Also have you seen those new Oscrap Embellishment Organisers - wow they are great - I keep thinking of all the things I have which could go in them. The K & Co Mira papers are back in stock again - so lovely with the die cut pages and the different effects when placed ontop of other colours - possibilities are endless!

Also lots going on with regards to new projects for workshops and the arrival of our craft club - yet to be named. Our workshops are solely dedicated to what you want to learn and are bespoke to your needs and requirements - all fully adaptable. With that in mind if there is something you want to learn about but haven't seen advertised on our workshop page - contact us and tell us what you want - for those of you who haven't been to a workshop at Bee Crafty we run very informal but informative workshops for groups of 4 to give the maximum benefit to you the customer - they are based in the shop so all of the products are on hand with the advice of all of the staff - you are taught by one of us in the shop - with the occasional snippet from whoever is making the half time drinks.

Who would like to be taking part in competitions and online projects - this is something in the pipeline that we want your input.

As you know we are dedicated to bringing you - our customers - the best service at the best prices - we pride ourselves in being able to pass on the deals we get from our suppliers to you - it's why you come to us after all! Thankyou for being such lovely people to work for.

Lastly for today who has attended our open days in the past? They were good weren't they and guess what ........ theres going to be another - provisional date 12th July 2008 - its going to be the best open day Bee Crafty has ever seen - keep your eyes peeled on the website and blog for details - you will not be dissappointed.

Take Care

Sam xxx

Sunday, April 20, 2008


Well Holly has decided to be camera shy and won't let me take any pictures - so I need to do some starsky and hutch style manouvres to get the snap shot - also its something for me to scrap then - two birds one stone and all that. The picture is her pre-haircut she's like a blonde nasher!!

I have been out for a lovely walk with my dogs this morning the weather is minging but was nice just tootling round the village.

I am still sorting out my craft things for the Cyber Crop next weekend - not the hour or so job I thought it would be - me thinks I might have a bit too much stuff - no wait is that possible? I mean thats like saying I have too many handbags or too many pairs of shoes - all of which my darling hubby Mark would probably agree with but come on girls you know its not possible.

Well I suppose I better go and get some housework done before I set to work onthe craft stuff again - have a nice day.

Sam xxx

Saturday, April 19, 2008


Sorry didn't get round to posting yesterday - I'm a bad person I know!! lol

Well yesterday was good had a workshop in for a project - we were going to use the Creative Expressions Medallion style box stamps - it was fabulous and the ladies made some lovely pieces and used every colouring medium we have so think they enjoyed it too!!! You always know its a good class when the table is completely submerged in stuff!!!

That was pretty much my day at work yesterday as I only work until half 1 on a Friday which isn't normally not set in stone but yesterday was as I had to get my Holly dog to the hairdressers - she now looks like she should be in the front of a Shortbread tin bless her at the tender age of 15 and a half she is still so so beautiful!! I'll get a piccy of her today and post again later!!

One thing I did manage to notice in the shop and get excited about is the new grungeboard - my word its gorgeous - but the eternal dilemma of which one to have continues!

I am planning to have a good tidy up this weekend and get some things ready for the UKS cybercrop next weekend - I am working on the Saturday but from 8pm next friday night its scrap scrap scrap - I am very excited as this is the first time I have done it.

With that in mind I shall go and get on with it and post again later.

Have a nice day everyone

Sam xxx

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Thursdays Thinkpad

Hiya ..........look at the time!!!

Well I am currently in - gotta do something cool mode - now I know its almost the middle of the night and certainly way past my bedtime but it all seems to be coming together!!!

Can't say what yet - it would ruin the surprise - plus i can hardly tell you guys before I have actually told or shown Mum & Bev & Ady!!! What I can say is I took Toby (my springer spaniel) for a ride to the shop today and got some mountboard and a poky tool - make of that what you will!

Can I also just say that whilst i was in Evesham today I took Toby up to the Dogs Trust (where we had him from) and they were all so pleased to see he was ok and getting on well and it was lovely that not only they remember him but they want to see how they are getting on so in 2 weeks I am taking the other one up there to see them. Oh and my Holly dog is having her hair done tomorrow - lifes little pleasures eh!!

Anyway its only a quickie just thought I would let you know what I am up to - will get some piccies on of the masterpiece, should it be granted such a title, as and when it is finished.

Take care now...

Sam xxx

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Well guess what I didn't have time to do today.....................yep you got it the Window - all that means is I was far too busy with other stuff though - honest it does!

We had some fabby white pens turn up today - they will be on the website soon I am sure - Bev is hot on the trail - we were talking to new suppliers today too so that was very exciting - you know how I get excited by new stuff!!!!

Then we had another delivery of card - don't you think that pearlised card is fabulous - I mean you can just dress it up or down to suit - so well suited to so many different things! I've also totally fell in love with Stampbord again - anyone had a go with this yet? If not have a bash its great for allsorts so far I've done coasters, card toppers, jewellery - ooooh its yummy.

I have to admit I did spend ten minutes pulling faces at Abi today she's so cute I could just eat her up!!! I'll refrain though - she's better to look at I'm sure!

Right thats your lot for today - I am off to think of something amazing - just dont know what yet!!

Sam xxx

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Afternoon............... it's raining......again!

Well its been a couple of days - the voice is coming back but still very frank butcher-esque!!! lol

Sunday was hilarious as we spenf the best part of the day playing the Wii in Mum's living room - mum almost won the 100 metres - thats good going ya know!! Then Alex whooped mum and Mark at the Javelin - was wonderful had a good giggle.

Was working yesterday morning as I normally do and managed to cut out another section of the Jolly Nation papers - those new animal ones are gorgeous - well they are all gorgeous - its the new people ones tomorrow!!!! I have a little display board that I am slowly but surely getting through so will be sorted soon.

In with Bev and Abi tomorrow - I am going to try and get that window sorted!!!!! I am determined to do it so if you could all will me along tomorrow to get it done that would be muchly appreciated.

Can anyone explain to me why it waits until 3.05pm (when I walk to school) to rain......its happened about 4 times in the last week now!!!! grrrrrrrr I woulodn't mind too much but the weather was so nice I decided to wash the sofa cushion covers so they aren't going to be able to0 dry outside now................don't ya just love nature.

Right I am off to have a bash at a new sample for the workshops so you guys have a nice afternoon and I'll talk to you tomorrow night about how tomorrow was.

S xxx

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Squeaky Saturday

Evening all

Well its been a funny couple of wise its just been bizarre!!!!!

It's been my darling hubby's birthday today - 28!!!! bless him - Happy Birthday Marky xx

Well its like delivery central in the shop yesterday another 4 boxes turned up while Mum was teaching a workshop yesterday - so I (very maturely) taunted her through the window with all the ooooh's and aaaaaaaah's and holding things up at the window doing the ner ner face lol (i'm so grown up)

More of that Laura Ashley I was talking about the other day - including some gawwwwwwwwwwwjus chipboard - the temptation is almost too much! I didn't even get to finish emptying the boxes - Mum and Barbs (Laura) had to do it today! bless em

As for this blinkin cold I have had I now have no voice again (hence the squeaky title for todays post) - for those of you that actually know me you will know that I may as well have my legs cut off when i can't speak!!! I mean its awful!!! Although when someone phoned my house yesterday they asked for Mrs Green (me) I said "speaking" they said "no MRS GREEN" ha ha ha I sound like a man - marvellous lol

Ooooooooh I didn't tell you about our chinese the other night - Well as I said it was Nan's Birthday - had a fabulous night and the food was lovely (I thought so anyway) Nan had a great time and my cousin and I conspired to get one of a group of guys to give her a kiss - so she went over and aksed them and sure enough one by one they all came over - was wonderful - Me and Bev did some awesome dance moves - strictly come dancin haven't got anything on us lol

Right Lee Evans (a comedy genius) is coming on so I am off to watch him - have a great weekend everyone.

Sam xxx

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Its Th Th Th Thursday!!!!

Well as some of you may know Thursday is my day off - guess where I am - The shop!!!!

Well what am I supposed to do its so exciting and theres an order here thats just arrived full of goodies ad its very exciting!!! Bev And Ady are rummaging throught the boxes .........

to the delerious sounds of oooh's and ahhhh's - there must be some oober goodies in there - I already have a little pile of things I am taking home with me - thickers and papers and allsorts - am feeling lots better today - thank goodness, not that you would know because my voice sounds a bit like frank butchers to be honest!!!

Anyway inside the magic box look what else we found .......

Aren't they just fabby!!!!!!!

Well we are all off out tonight for Nan's birthday - bless her - going for chinese buffet so don't be surpised if we can't walk in the morning for fear of how much we've eaten tonight - so much so that we are eating all fruit today so that we can have a pig out being the good girl that I am though I am driving - saves me getting drunk and waffling in the workshop in the

Right with all that in mind I better go and make her a card - pressies are sorted!!

Have a good day everyone

Sam xxx

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Wednesdays witterings

Hiya!! (Sam Again)

How are you all? Well today at the shop has been good -
I have been doing allsorts - including making faces at Abi when she gets a bit fed up - and also doing some Jolly Nation Decoupage.

I'm in desperate need of doing the Shop Window - just never seems to be the time but we have a master plan - which we will hopefully execute in the next couple of days!!!

I've been eyeing up that Laura Ashley again today.........what to do what to do!!

Is anyone doing the UK Scrappers Cybercrop?.... I am its the first one I have done before and am well excited - just wish I could shake this cold off to feel well enough to join in with the build up to it ....sniff sniff!

Oh nearly forgot - 4.45 the day is nearly over I am snuggled up with Abi after Bev has just changed and BLEEEUUUUGHHHHHHH she has a sicky on me!!! niiiiiiice.

on that note I shall depart

Take Care

Sam x

Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Afternoon's been a while (Sam here incase you hadn't guessed)

SO sorry its been so long but hey I'm here now and will endeavour to do my very best to come and talk to you every cople of days.

Have you seen those new Laura Ashley papers - wit woo they are gorgeous - I am now torn between those and the DCWV Rockstar stuff although I haven't comitted to either - but I think my scrapbooking is getting better and in reality the Laura Ashley ones would be more useable for me and the things I scrap plus can make some lovely cards with them - the Rockstar is just so me though - whats a girl to do!!!!!!!!!

Guess who I had to my house to play yesterday ........... yep Abigail - she's my new best friend - the most gorgeous baby girl ever ever!!!! We went for a walk to the post office - goodness me its been that long since i drove a buggy - need some L plates it was like Bumper Cars! But got to school to pick Alex up and he was so so excited to see her - without question he adores her!!! See photo!!!!

Well hope this keeps you all entertained in the short term an I promise to write again soon

Sam xxx
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