Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Afternoon everyone...............it's been a while (Sam here incase you hadn't guessed)

SO sorry its been so long but hey I'm here now and will endeavour to do my very best to come and talk to you every cople of days.

Have you seen those new Laura Ashley papers - wit woo they are gorgeous - I am now torn between those and the DCWV Rockstar stuff although I haven't comitted to either - but I think my scrapbooking is getting better and in reality the Laura Ashley ones would be more useable for me and the things I scrap plus can make some lovely cards with them - the Rockstar is just so me though - whats a girl to do!!!!!!!!!

Guess who I had to my house to play yesterday ........... yep Abigail - she's my new best friend - the most gorgeous baby girl ever ever!!!! We went for a walk to the post office - goodness me its been that long since i drove a buggy - need some L plates it was like Bumper Cars! But got to school to pick Alex up and he was so so excited to see her - without question he adores her!!! See photo!!!!

Well hope this keeps you all entertained in the short term an I promise to write again soon

Sam xxx

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