Sunday, April 20, 2008


Well Holly has decided to be camera shy and won't let me take any pictures - so I need to do some starsky and hutch style manouvres to get the snap shot - also its something for me to scrap then - two birds one stone and all that. The picture is her pre-haircut she's like a blonde nasher!!

I have been out for a lovely walk with my dogs this morning the weather is minging but was nice just tootling round the village.

I am still sorting out my craft things for the Cyber Crop next weekend - not the hour or so job I thought it would be - me thinks I might have a bit too much stuff - no wait is that possible? I mean thats like saying I have too many handbags or too many pairs of shoes - all of which my darling hubby Mark would probably agree with but come on girls you know its not possible.

Well I suppose I better go and get some housework done before I set to work onthe craft stuff again - have a nice day.

Sam xxx

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Oh Sam - she is tiny compared with the other one!

I will be in this week - I am having withdrawal symptoms from not getting any retail therapy!

Lovely blogs - Love to everyone

Karen x

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