Thursday, April 17, 2008

Thursdays Thinkpad

Hiya ..........look at the time!!!

Well I am currently in - gotta do something cool mode - now I know its almost the middle of the night and certainly way past my bedtime but it all seems to be coming together!!!

Can't say what yet - it would ruin the surprise - plus i can hardly tell you guys before I have actually told or shown Mum & Bev & Ady!!! What I can say is I took Toby (my springer spaniel) for a ride to the shop today and got some mountboard and a poky tool - make of that what you will!

Can I also just say that whilst i was in Evesham today I took Toby up to the Dogs Trust (where we had him from) and they were all so pleased to see he was ok and getting on well and it was lovely that not only they remember him but they want to see how they are getting on so in 2 weeks I am taking the other one up there to see them. Oh and my Holly dog is having her hair done tomorrow - lifes little pleasures eh!!

Anyway its only a quickie just thought I would let you know what I am up to - will get some piccies on of the masterpiece, should it be granted such a title, as and when it is finished.

Take care now...

Sam xxx

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