Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Well guess what I didn't have time to do today.....................yep you got it the Window - all that means is I was far too busy with other stuff though - honest it does!

We had some fabby white pens turn up today - they will be on the website soon I am sure - Bev is hot on the trail - we were talking to new suppliers today too so that was very exciting - you know how I get excited by new stuff!!!!

Then we had another delivery of card - don't you think that pearlised card is fabulous - I mean you can just dress it up or down to suit - so well suited to so many different things! I've also totally fell in love with Stampbord again - anyone had a go with this yet? If not have a bash its great for allsorts so far I've done coasters, card toppers, jewellery - ooooh its yummy.

I have to admit I did spend ten minutes pulling faces at Abi today she's so cute I could just eat her up!!! I'll refrain though - she's better to look at I'm sure!

Right thats your lot for today - I am off to think of something amazing - just dont know what yet!!

Sam xxx

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