Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Totally Tuesday

Evening Ladies and Gents

Firstly please accept my sincere apologies for not writing sooner - been v v busy with one thing and another.

Well can I just say that the new Tim Holtz grungeboard is the most fantastic thing ever - I gave in and took some home at the weekend - its fantastic to work with and the fact that its textured gives you so much scope within the colourings sphere. I have used several pieces of mine already and will definately be getting some more.

I also tried some of those HOTP silk flowers - great quality with strong colours that are easily matched with various papers and inks - I managed to match up the colours to these very well with the cats eye chalk inks - good fun playing with colours and guys don't be scared to throw in some mad colours together - they often contrast a lot better than you would think!

Yesterday we had a brilliant medallions workshop in and the ladies that attended were fabulous and took home a wonderful creation - Nice work ladies!

There was also a delivery of a great little magazine - Creating Keepsakes - some fantastic ideas and inspirations - once again try and remember the things in these magazines are there to inspire you and give you a point in the right direction - aswell as going along with what they do and recreating their images and items - do take them and produce your own spin on it - and don't be shy send us some piccies - we like to see what you do with the things you take home from the shop.

Well I will be back sooner than you know it so take care and happy crafting.

Sam xxx

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