Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Wednesdays witterings

Hiya!! (Sam Again)

How are you all? Well today at the shop has been good -
I have been doing allsorts - including making faces at Abi when she gets a bit fed up - and also doing some Jolly Nation Decoupage.

I'm in desperate need of doing the Shop Window - just never seems to be the time but we have a master plan - which we will hopefully execute in the next couple of days!!!

I've been eyeing up that Laura Ashley again today.........what to do what to do!!

Is anyone doing the UK Scrappers Cybercrop?.... I am its the first one I have done before and am well excited - just wish I could shake this cold off to feel well enough to join in with the build up to it ....sniff sniff!

Oh nearly forgot - 4.45 the day is nearly over I am snuggled up with Abi after Bev has just changed and BLEEEUUUUGHHHHHHH she has a sicky on me!!! niiiiiiice.

on that note I shall depart

Take Care

Sam x

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