Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Workshop Wednesday

Good Evening

Well today was very productive - we have completed the workshop lists and got them uploaded to the website - Bev and I managed to get it all sorted out. I have also managed to get more of the Jolly Nation decoupage sheets cut out and layered up - they are so nice and the quality is fabulous - very nice designs bringing even more versatility to the range.

Oh that embellishment storage I told you about yesterday - here's a piccie............

See lots of pockets and cubby's for all of the crafty bits we all use.

Have you seen those new pre-cut waterfall card sheets - all the ingredients and instruction sheet for a waterfall card - they also have co-ordinating backing sheets which go alongside some of the die cut decoupage sheets that we stock - these create lovely cards and are suitable for all levels of capability.

Was nice to see some of our regular customers in today and equally nice to see new faces and welcome them to the hobby we are lucky to have some of the best customers around. Also because I love talking about the shop and different aspects of the crafts we do seeing new people is fab because I have probably chattered the ears off everyone else - I just get so excited though those of you that know me will already know that.

Well that's me done for another day

Take care

Sam xxx

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