Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Afternoon............... it's raining......again!

Well its been a couple of days - the voice is coming back but still very frank butcher-esque!!! lol

Sunday was hilarious as we spenf the best part of the day playing the Wii in Mum's living room - mum almost won the 100 metres - thats good going ya know!! Then Alex whooped mum and Mark at the Javelin - was wonderful had a good giggle.

Was working yesterday morning as I normally do and managed to cut out another section of the Jolly Nation papers - those new animal ones are gorgeous - well they are all gorgeous - its the new people ones tomorrow!!!! I have a little display board that I am slowly but surely getting through so will be sorted soon.

In with Bev and Abi tomorrow - I am going to try and get that window sorted!!!!! I am determined to do it so if you could all will me along tomorrow to get it done that would be muchly appreciated.

Can anyone explain to me why it waits until 3.05pm (when I walk to school) to rain......its happened about 4 times in the last week now!!!! grrrrrrrr I woulodn't mind too much but the weather was so nice I decided to wash the sofa cushion covers so they aren't going to be able to0 dry outside now................don't ya just love nature.

Right I am off to have a bash at a new sample for the workshops so you guys have a nice afternoon and I'll talk to you tomorrow night about how tomorrow was.

S xxx

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