Saturday, April 12, 2008

Squeaky Saturday

Evening all

Well its been a funny couple of wise its just been bizarre!!!!!

It's been my darling hubby's birthday today - 28!!!! bless him - Happy Birthday Marky xx

Well its like delivery central in the shop yesterday another 4 boxes turned up while Mum was teaching a workshop yesterday - so I (very maturely) taunted her through the window with all the ooooh's and aaaaaaaah's and holding things up at the window doing the ner ner face lol (i'm so grown up)

More of that Laura Ashley I was talking about the other day - including some gawwwwwwwwwwwjus chipboard - the temptation is almost too much! I didn't even get to finish emptying the boxes - Mum and Barbs (Laura) had to do it today! bless em

As for this blinkin cold I have had I now have no voice again (hence the squeaky title for todays post) - for those of you that actually know me you will know that I may as well have my legs cut off when i can't speak!!! I mean its awful!!! Although when someone phoned my house yesterday they asked for Mrs Green (me) I said "speaking" they said "no MRS GREEN" ha ha ha I sound like a man - marvellous lol

Ooooooooh I didn't tell you about our chinese the other night - Well as I said it was Nan's Birthday - had a fabulous night and the food was lovely (I thought so anyway) Nan had a great time and my cousin and I conspired to get one of a group of guys to give her a kiss - so she went over and aksed them and sure enough one by one they all came over - was wonderful - Me and Bev did some awesome dance moves - strictly come dancin haven't got anything on us lol

Right Lee Evans (a comedy genius) is coming on so I am off to watch him - have a great weekend everyone.

Sam xxx

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