Thursday, April 10, 2008

Its Th Th Th Thursday!!!!

Well as some of you may know Thursday is my day off - guess where I am - The shop!!!!

Well what am I supposed to do its so exciting and theres an order here thats just arrived full of goodies ad its very exciting!!! Bev And Ady are rummaging throught the boxes .........

to the delerious sounds of oooh's and ahhhh's - there must be some oober goodies in there - I already have a little pile of things I am taking home with me - thickers and papers and allsorts - am feeling lots better today - thank goodness, not that you would know because my voice sounds a bit like frank butchers to be honest!!!

Anyway inside the magic box look what else we found .......

Aren't they just fabby!!!!!!!

Well we are all off out tonight for Nan's birthday - bless her - going for chinese buffet so don't be surpised if we can't walk in the morning for fear of how much we've eaten tonight - so much so that we are eating all fruit today so that we can have a pig out being the good girl that I am though I am driving - saves me getting drunk and waffling in the workshop in the

Right with all that in mind I better go and make her a card - pressies are sorted!!

Have a good day everyone

Sam xxx

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