Tuesday, April 22, 2008

It's Tuesday!

Evening all

Well yesterday was so busy I didn't even get time to blog and today has been my day off so its sit down and tell you all about it time.

Yesterday was mad busy we had a couple of deliveries - some of those beautiful twinklette pens they are fabulous and can be used for plenty of different things - journalling, edging even just writing cards. Also have you seen those new Oscrap Embellishment Organisers - wow they are great - I keep thinking of all the things I have which could go in them. The K & Co Mira papers are back in stock again - so lovely with the die cut pages and the different effects when placed ontop of other colours - possibilities are endless!

Also lots going on with regards to new projects for workshops and the arrival of our craft club - yet to be named. Our workshops are solely dedicated to what you want to learn and are bespoke to your needs and requirements - all fully adaptable. With that in mind if there is something you want to learn about but haven't seen advertised on our workshop page - contact us and tell us what you want - for those of you who haven't been to a workshop at Bee Crafty we run very informal but informative workshops for groups of 4 to give the maximum benefit to you the customer - they are based in the shop so all of the products are on hand with the advice of all of the staff - you are taught by one of us in the shop - with the occasional snippet from whoever is making the half time drinks.

Who would like to be taking part in competitions and online projects - this is something in the pipeline that we want your input.

As you know we are dedicated to bringing you - our customers - the best service at the best prices - we pride ourselves in being able to pass on the deals we get from our suppliers to you - it's why you come to us after all! Thankyou for being such lovely people to work for.

Lastly for today who has attended our open days in the past? They were good weren't they and guess what ........ theres going to be another - provisional date 12th July 2008 - its going to be the best open day Bee Crafty has ever seen - keep your eyes peeled on the website and blog for details - you will not be dissappointed.

Take Care

Sam xxx

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