Tuesday, January 30, 2007

At last.................................

Well at last I've managed to work out how this bloggy thingy works, well that is if when I come to press the button this all goes to where it should. Beej has told me how it works but it has been a long job as I'm neither quick on the uptake with computer thingys or able to get anywhere near it once she gets in the cupboard and takes over, dont get me wrong I'm happy for her to be in the cupboard because it means I dont. So you've heard all about the "New Craft Room" at Chez Bev, and I must say Dave has done a fabby job of it................will have to watch out for my stash going walkabout now though. Soon she will be boasting one like mine which I love to bits and have DH Bill to thank, I think I got it so as he can have total
control of the remote.................hang on I'll see if I can do one of
those picture thingys.
Well seems to have worked. This is my ribbons and blossoms
shelves, baskets with stickers, rub-ons etc and jars of buttons
and beads. Blimey that lights a bit bright though. Day off tomorrow so hopefully do a bit of scrapping in the morning then Beej and I are off shopping as we are incharge of the butties for the weekly shooting match and as we will have DGS Alex in tow should be in for a long one so best be off for my beauty sleep and I'll hopefully speak to you all again soon. Ta ta and nighty night.

Monday, January 29, 2007

I have a craft room tra la la la la

Happy Monday Morning to you all, well I would apologise for my absence in the blogging world last week except that it was crazy here, we did a complete stock take of the shop and anyone who has been to Bee Crafty knows that that is no easy task, and the girls made lists of the things I haven't put on the web yet, there is hundreds I tell you I didn't realise I was so useless, so if you can pop in do that because we have loads more in the shop, but I promise to keep adding, as I thought there was so much on the website already but apparently there are hundreds more items I think I have a headache already :). Well yesterday we went to that Swedish furniture shop in Wednesbury and bought me a table and board thingy to go in my lovely new craft room at home, it's brilliant I have had it twelve hours and I love it already can't wait to start playing, but I know I'm going to be buying some more things in the shop now as now I can put the to good use. We've had some lovely paper mania blossom packs in for all those of you who love these flowers (I do can't seem to Scrapbook without them) Right I'm going to go now as there is loads to do & no time to do it and I've got all these lovely things to add to the web. Ooh nearly forgot the picture is of Julie Bayliss who won our Christmas card Competition by doing a lovely small frilly quilled wreath on a card embossed to look like a front door complete with letter box so well done to her, okay I'm really going now, I'll talk to you later



P.S Pat that was David my lovely other half who I'm happy to say spoils me rotten

Friday, January 19, 2007

Hello ... I've got a fairy

Hiya, well what a week it has been I do hope you are all still here and the wind didn't blow you away :). Well this week I have been dreading the dentist so I have procrastinated (didn't know I knew words that big did ya) quite a bit but I have also added some yummy things to the web including the Basic Grey Gypsy and Color Me Silly Ribbon colections which are absolutely gorgeous. Also the New Keepsakes Board called the Majestic which is available for pre order I'm going to try and get a piccie of that today.

On a fellow bloggers site I found this

Whats your fairy name?

and I think it's lovely and I may even make a page out of it, so have a look over the weekend and if you want let us know what your fairy name is.

My fairy is called Field Elfwitch
She is a cheerful sprite.
She lives in fields where wild flowers and poppies grow.
She is only seen in the enchanted moment between sleep and waking.
She likes to wear red petals in her skirt. She has delicate green wings like a cicada.

Right I'm off to find that picture and it should be on the site later for all to see.

Byeeeee and have a good weekend

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Hello All, yet another manic beginning to the week at Bee Crafty so this is just a quick hello and I'll get back to you later in the week. Pat it is apparently on it's way!! Snuff where you been feel like I haven't seen ya in ages and to everyone we have some great Bargains in our new clearance section in the shop so come on down as they say on the price is right and grab yourself a bargain.

See you later


Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Windy Ole Tuesday

Hiya, sorry I didn't get a chance to come back yesterday manic, I'm shattered, but this morning I have had a bit of a re jig on the website, there is a bit of blurb on the front a more apparent link to the blog and a new Valentines Gallery which is faberoony! There is only a few cards for now but I'll keep adding as we make more, there is also a new card on the card and scrapbooking gallery, I'll also be putting some new ones on the Christmas card one soon I know it may seem silly but I am definitely going to be more organised this year and you might want to join in to. The scrapbook page is of mum (which is a miracle within itself that there is a picture of her) also the winner of our Christmas card prize will be announced this week, and we will be setting a monthly card and scrapbook page challenge in order to win some fabby prizes so that should be good, apart from that all I'm doing is burying myself under the mountain of paperwork that seems to arisen since I've been off and Ady and Mum keep giggling I think they are up to something, wouldn't surprise me they are usually, ooh and there is now a bargain shelf in the shop with up to 50% off some things, don't know if I'll be able to get them on the web because some are just individual items so pop in if you can and I'll see you soon


Monday, January 08, 2007


Hello everyine I'm so sorry you've been abandoned of late, the shop has been manic plus christmas and new year plus I' was off poorly last week, so I'm really sorry. I'm going to go and catch up with all the boring paper work type stuff and then I'll try and get some new stuff on the web and I'll be back later, Have a good day

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