Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Windy Ole Tuesday

Hiya, sorry I didn't get a chance to come back yesterday manic, I'm shattered, but this morning I have had a bit of a re jig on the website, there is a bit of blurb on the front a more apparent link to the blog and a new Valentines Gallery which is faberoony! There is only a few cards for now but I'll keep adding as we make more, there is also a new card on the card and scrapbooking gallery, I'll also be putting some new ones on the Christmas card one soon I know it may seem silly but I am definitely going to be more organised this year and you might want to join in to. The scrapbook page is of mum (which is a miracle within itself that there is a picture of her) also the winner of our Christmas card prize will be announced this week, and we will be setting a monthly card and scrapbook page challenge in order to win some fabby prizes so that should be good, apart from that all I'm doing is burying myself under the mountain of paperwork that seems to arisen since I've been off and Ady and Mum keep giggling I think they are up to something, wouldn't surprise me they are usually, ooh and there is now a bargain shelf in the shop with up to 50% off some things, don't know if I'll be able to get them on the web because some are just individual items so pop in if you can and I'll see you soon


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