Tuesday, January 30, 2007

At last.................................

Well at last I've managed to work out how this bloggy thingy works, well that is if when I come to press the button this all goes to where it should. Beej has told me how it works but it has been a long job as I'm neither quick on the uptake with computer thingys or able to get anywhere near it once she gets in the cupboard and takes over, dont get me wrong I'm happy for her to be in the cupboard because it means I dont. So you've heard all about the "New Craft Room" at Chez Bev, and I must say Dave has done a fabby job of it................will have to watch out for my stash going walkabout now though. Soon she will be boasting one like mine which I love to bits and have DH Bill to thank, I think I got it so as he can have total
control of the remote.................hang on I'll see if I can do one of
those picture thingys.
Well seems to have worked. This is my ribbons and blossoms
shelves, baskets with stickers, rub-ons etc and jars of buttons
and beads. Blimey that lights a bit bright though. Day off tomorrow so hopefully do a bit of scrapping in the morning then Beej and I are off shopping as we are incharge of the butties for the weekly shooting match and as we will have DGS Alex in tow should be in for a long one so best be off for my beauty sleep and I'll hopefully speak to you all again soon. Ta ta and nighty night.

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Pat said...

Hi Julie,What a lovely craft room it is so tidy I am quite jealous.Nice to see you have joined the bloggers,I am now going to see what you have in the bargain basement
luv Pat xxx

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