Friday, February 02, 2007

Have you seen what SHE has been doing.....

Mornin' . Have you seen what that Beej is doing. NO! Well I'll tell you, she has been wandering around the shop and all you can hear is

" well that can go ............and that...............and that "
Yes she's having a clear out. It would appear that some things we've had too long and, again I can only say apparently, but I will buy too much at the trade show and we'll have nowhere to put it. So with that in mind she's thinning us down ( pity she cant do something about me). It will all end up on the wb site but it is being marked down as she goes so might just be worth popping in.
Adie, my able yet sometimes blonde assistant ( she's actually a redhead so I had better tred carefully ) only joking Adie if your there, has been highlighting all of the mark downs so they should be easy to find.
CROP:- If you are going to be coming to our crops at the first one Sam, DD1, will be teaching Brushable Journalling.

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Anonymous said...

Hi all, it's Snuff. Glad to see you are better after those nasty colds you had last time I saw you. I did come into the shop about three weeks ago but you weren't there - it was Sam and Ady in.
I'm hoping to come up this week - I have had sinusitis so haven't been out for a while until yesterday when I went to Morrisons. Oh yeh - I saw Barbie there with her eldest - he is soooo gorgeous - even though the poor lad had a big lump and steri-sutures on his forehead. Poor lamb! School playgrounds are dangerous places! They should be banned!
Anyway I better now. I got a new bed delivered on Friday - it's amazing!!! It goes up and down, top, middle and bottom and all electrically controlled too! (Hmmmm)The mattress is one of them space thingys that moulds to your body. Trouble is I'm going up and down top, middle and bottom so much the mattress has a job catchin' up!!!! No seriously - it's brilliant - I hadn't been to bed for over a year cos of the pressure on me bones so now I'm normal! (?) and go to bed like everyone else! Poor Koko (my dog) can't make it out.He hasn't been upstairs for so long! At bedtime he huffs and he puffs gettin' up the stairs with his toy lobster (that's his teddy - ahhh) and then can just about manage to squeeeeeze himself under the bed to go to sleep! Blesssssss.
Anyway - hope to see you this week - I've really missed coming up to see my mates - so see you soon. Take care.
Love Karen

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