Monday, February 26, 2007

It's here it's here . . . . . . . . . .

The Quickutz Silhouette is here we have one to play with, trust me I am excited, well at least I was until we realised the MS Windows that's on the shop PC was produced on the 1800's and we can't use it yet, but Dad is coming in tonight to put a better Windows on so if anyone fancies coming in for a look this week come on down it's fabby and I love it, definatley not bitter about not getting a Cricut for Christmas now as I'm gonna have one of these for my birthday, well a little bit sooner if I can wangle it. So how are you all doing, good yeah no, send me an e-mail or message and let me know. Have you all booked on the Crop for Sunday, don't know why I'm asking because I know whose on it, but there are a couple of places left if anyone wants to come just book online or give me a ring and we can do it over the phone. Ooh and today's the last day for the doodle comp, well I might let you off if you send me something in the morning but after that we will start picking the winner. Now that I think about it forgot to say I found somehting quite interesting last week, my desk is made of wood, I couldn't believe it I thought it was made of paperwork what do ya know isn't Bee Crafty just full of surprises, right I'm off to get loading some more new lush things. Pop into the shop for a chat and a browse and we'll always give you a hand and because we are Open this Sunday there is no excuse so I'll see you soon



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Pat said...

Hi everyone,I have just put the computer on and as usual I have to see your site first and guess what I have had to call my husband in to show him what I want for christmas,it looks great the new craft cutter I must have one I am quite excited.(by the way whats the crop)Where have you been Bev I have been in the shop a couple of times and you were not there.
Any way lots of love
I am in a really good mood now and will be thinking of ways of how to get some money together for the cutter

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