Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Oh my goodness

Well there is just a few days to go now and the new shop is taking great shape with the new areas marked out and bits and pieces making their way over there now - however the vast majority of stock is still in Port Street its a bit squished up but its all there! lol

Nice to see so many of you today and thank you so much to everyone who has offered their help - we will shout as an when we need it - and to everyone thanks so much for your continuous support through this very exciting time - I am getting all giddy about it now - just so very exciting!!!!

I am also looking forward to the open day - did I mention we have 2 remarkable demonstrators coming for the day!!!!

The new creating Keepsake magazine turned up today and its another fabulous edition with some great ideas and inspirations. In my opinion this is a benchmark magazine with some of the most up to date work in - well put it this way I bought my own copy today.

Well that's it for today - as always much to do!

take care

Sam xxx

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