Sunday, July 13, 2008

Big Thankyou

Evening everyone

Well first and foremost can I please say a big thank you to everyone who attended the open day yesterday and all of the people who made it happen.

With people arriving just after 9 there was never a break in the enthusiasm shown by the customers, wonderful demonstrators, staff and helpers. The make and takes were great fun with some great things being taken away - was nice to be able to see so many of you enjoy it.

As we told you there were 2 wonderful demonstrators - for those of you that came I think you would agree that both Lyn and Lindsay (hope i spelt the names right) were brilliant and sat there like troopers all day to give you the maximum they could. Well done and thank you again ladies.

The lucky dip was cleared out with some great prizes in there and we managed some great offers for you - with something for everyone.

Never before have we seen so many people in our shop in one go - the most wonderful thing about that was that it was an even split of new customers and our very faithful regular customers. With the ever changing craft industry there is always something new and exciting so with new customers coming into the business too it's a great time to mix our ideas and wants and needs and come up with some magical products.

As you may know we run weekly workshops which begin again very soon and we look forward to seeing you. You can book in store or on the website by clicking here also if there is a project you want to do and can't see it there please do email us and we will work something out for you without a doubt.

OK with that I shall leave you too it and look forward too seeing you all very soon.

Thanks again - you are great!!!

Sam xxx

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