Monday, July 28, 2008

Spoke to soon


See there was me raving on about the lovely weather and BANG - thunder and lightening - dogs are going crazy - dear o dear!!!!

Anyway how are are we all - well I hope? Workshop was fab today and thank you very much to the ladies who took part - I'll get you a picture of the workshop sample to have a butchers at as and when I can.

Well as promised the lovely Beverley built you a great page on those spangly new things and here it is. Now these are marvellous - they are great for presents, or just something you want to make for yourself or just give the kit to someone. They are very reasonably priced and you get loads in the kits so well worth the money.

Also in the shop today we took about 4 deliveries one of which was stacked with Eno Craft embellishments - this page will be updated very soon as there were lots of new ones in there. Also for those of you who love decoupage but sometimes need something a bit more quirky there is a new range that has just come into stock and will be available on the website soon - unfortunately for Bev she has a gazillion things to do (like keep me and mum under control) as well as the website so bear with us - it will be done as soon as possible.

This was just the box I opened - there is lots more to come and as soon as I know what it is I will be only too glad to let you know - alternatively if there is something you are looking for by all means email us or give us a call - only too happy to help!

Oh and just quickly before I go - the new Scrapbook Inspirations is in stock.

Take care you guys

Sam x

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