Monday, October 27, 2008

Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry :)

Godd evening all,

Okay so I am officially rubbish, I have abandoned the blog of late and I should have my butt kicked. However there has been a lot going on at Bee Crafty.

Oooooh and Abi has cut her first tooth which is so exciting, I was so proud of her which I know sounds really daft but I was Hee Hee.

Anyway back to the shop Christmas has been booming in the shop for well over 8 weeks now and there is more to come, a gorgeous new range by Basic Grey is on the way and there is some gorgeous products in.

Right and on to the Christmas Open Day which is only a week on Saturday, we are going to be showcasing (is that the right word NO IDEA), we are having Kayleigh in using the Zig Calligraphy pens and she's bringing with her some fantastic new metallic calligraphy's which will really had a touch of pizazz to cards & tags.

Ady will be doing some fantastic things with stamps, using medallions the Christmas Cute Companions, colourings and some fancy tags and possibly lanterns. Well lets just say she's got loads in the pipeline and I think she's just having fun getting all the samples ready and every time she does she gets a new idea and decides something else to her demo, so what I will say is if there is something you really fancy learning on the day et her know and I'm sure she'll show you.

Like Ady Sam & Julie (mother)are having a whale of a time coming up with make & take samples for the open day, the problem with that is that they are still coming up with them and there is only s many we can do so they will have to fine tune it down.

Now I am going to be doing glass baubles, these look beautiful when done make a great Christmas gift addition. Using Mica powders and glass baubles to make individual baubles to make your Christmas tree and decorations or that of your friends an family.

So again I am so sorry but I hope that's given you enough to take on for the next few days ~and I will get back to you when there is new goodies in the meantime.

Saturday 8th November - Christmas Open Day

Bye Bye

Bev x

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