Monday, December 15, 2008

10 Sleeps!!!!!!


So how are we all this morning - mad dashing about getting the last few bits and pieces or so organised that you are just chilling out?

As I have mentioned the January sale has already started here at Bee Crafty with a discount of 10% off everything. We have also made the discount on ALL CHRISTMAS STOCK 40% OFF however this is IN STORE ONLY so come and grab yourself some bargains.

As always this time of year can be popular for Gift Vouchers and whilst they are normally in denominations of £5 they can be of any amount for Christmas - for example its 2008 if you wanted to give £20.08 then that is absolutely fine - just give us a call on 01386 831123 to discuss your requirements - this goes for anything not just the Gift Vouchers lol.

The full list of opening hours over the Christmas period will be on the website shortly however i thought I would let you know that the published opening hours for Christmas Eve are 9.30am until 2pm, I must stress that if you need us to be here any earlier or later then call up and let us know because it is absolutely no problem.

As we move into the New Year a new workshop list is in the making. Workshops vary from 2 hours to a full day dependant on the subject. They can be booked online or in store and as always give us a call if there is a particular subject that you would like to cover - the more notice we have the better as we can then spend the time trying to fill the extra spaces for you.

Well I'll leave it there for today, hope you're all having a great day.

Take Care

Sam xxx

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