Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Back Again!!!!


Right then how you doing? You've all had time to have a right good mooch at the new website - what do you think? Personally I think it's blooming marvellous myself and with the stock control on there you guys can't order anything unless we actually have it - AWESOME!!!!

So we spent last week at the trade fair ordering some new bits and pieces - as a result there will be new stock coming into the shop at regular intervals over the next month or two so keep your eyes peeled for all of that!

The most recent offering is the Bagpuss & Ivor the Engine Decoupage and they are fantastic - with co-ordinating clear stamps too!!

Also ladies and gents is the new weekly offer - This week we have 25% off all Sakura Pens - so you will find the Pens here and then just click any of the Sakura's and the savings are automatically done for you!!!

Well I'll leave you with that for today - remember to keep your eyes peeled as new things turn up they will be available on the website ASAP for you!!

Take Care

Sam xxx

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