Friday, April 03, 2009

Introducing the Newest member of staff .........

Well ladies and gents this is Harry George wonderful and precious son and younger brother to the amazing Alex. Harry was born on 20th March 2009 at 10.29am weighing a healthy 8lb 1oz.

So I haven't been on for a while - and now you can see why so my sincere apologies for deserting you but I will be doing my level best to keep you up to date and in the know.

Well the new offers each week are ongoing and this week we are having a MEGA CLEARANCE on all Woodware punches - this offer is instore only and holds a massive 40% off all punches by Woodware!

We are still consistently getting new products in - the most recent to the website being the Twiddleybitz, this range is fantastic, intricate and above all so reasonably priced that the choice of which one doesn't come into it - more a case of how many can I get away with!! (I have already snuck a few into my own stash lol)

Well I think thats about all for now so I'll just add one more piccy on for you and will catch up with you very soon.

Take care all

Sam xxx

Nanny, Harry and Alex

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