Wednesday, June 17, 2009

£10 Voucher for Bee Crafty Anyone?

Hi everyone

So then who fancies winning a £10 voucher to spend on anything you like in Bee Crafty?

Well we will be running a monthly competition and all you need is a Bee Crafty bag! Now this probably sounds a little silly however take one Bee Crafty bag (any size plastic or linen) as long as it is one with our bee on it then its useable. Take a photo of the bag somewhere exciting (like on your holidays) and then send it to us via the contact us page on the website.

Every month the photo's we receive will be judged by another business on the park we are located at and then the best one will receive a prize. This time the prize will be a voucher - now we are half way through June already so the first judging won't take place until July and of course we will put the picture on the blog of the winner!

I will try and do some "examples" the main thing is be creative with where and how you photograph your bag.


Take care
Sam xxx

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