Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Chipboard Letters

Hi Everyone

Hope you are all ok, well today we have been putting together some of the letters that make our lovely Christmas word books.

This example here is NOEL but this is also available SNOW and XMAS.

I think you will agree that they are perfect for gifts or if you are putting a crafty kit together as a gift for someone. They take paper adhesion very well and don't warp with a sufficient amount of wet glue. With this in mind they are also robust enough to be used for a mini book that will be handled day in day out.

You can find our Christmas Chipboard on our website or by clicking here.

We have decorated one book here with the Plum pudding 6x6 paper - this paper is also available in 12x12 with a magnified image of the 12x12 you can find both of those papers here
Here is the decorated version

I hope you like these products like we do and for £1.25 I think you would agree that they are very reasonably priced.
Take care
Sam xxx

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