Tuesday, December 29, 2009

He Came!!!!

....... and spoilt us a bit!!!!
So that's that then, Christmas over for another year the best part of Christmas being over is that in store there is now 40% off anything related to Christmas - we're talking stamps, papers literally anything in the shop that's Christmassy (not sure if that's a word lol) and further to that there's 20% off everything else!!
THESE ARE IN STORE OFFERS ONLY so that does mean you will have to come and see us to get the benefit BUT we are open Wednesday and Thursday 10am-1pm, Saturday 9.30am-5pm and Sunday (its the first one of the month again!) 11am-4pm for shopping and our monthly Crop!!!
The offer doesn't have an end date as yet (although it will end at some point!!) so best take advantage now and stock up on the things for next years Christmas projects.
We resume normal opening hours from next week and look forward to seeing you soon
Sam xxx

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