Thursday, July 15, 2010

Did I miss June? ......

That'll be a yes then!!!

I am so so sorry what a rubbish bloggerist I have been, I am hoping it was worth the wait though as I have a couple of things to talk to you about!!!

Firstly how are you all?  Hope you are keeping well and are being creative and crafty!

Next on the list I am not sure if all/any of you have heard but Bee Crafty has another beehive!!!

We have, in the last couple of weeks, been lucky enough to open a cabin on the Evesham Country Park, situated in the Blue Cabin just outside the Garden Centre.  What this means for you as a customer is that you are now able to purchase from 2 sites!!!  The big shop at Blackminster is still there all it means now is there are 2 places for you to mooch about in.

I will get you some pictures of this I promise!

Lastly but by no means least....we are very lucky at Bee Crafty to have some of the most talented crafters around that spend there time in our shop!  Recently we challenged one of them, Alix, with a product.  I have to say it wasn't much of a challenge for here and she has done a wonderful job!!!

So what did we give her....

A Pencil Pot and a Money Box

Made from MDF these are fabulous items available instore and shortly they will be on our website too

So what did she do?

All with products available in Bee Crafty she did this.......

Isn't it Beautiful!!!!

and this is the money box!!! 
I love it!!!

Well thats it for today and I will be back sooner than I was between the last blog and now!

Take Care

Sam xxx


Kathyk said...

Didn't she do well?!

Good luck on your second beehive location too.


Linda Elbourne said...

Fabulous work ... beautiful!

Ruth said...

very pretty colour theme

elliemook said...

Oh, that pencil pot looks gorgeous!

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