Sunday, November 21, 2010

Look What We've Been Up To

Good Evening Everyone,

Well last week on the challenge blog I mentioned that Christmas must be here as those Coca Cola trucks are coming, well today I have heard my first Slade and on the telly was a selection of Top 20 Christmas tunes so there is no avoiding it wrap some tinsel around your head put on your worst taste jumper and get in the spirit of the season.

With that in mind Julie and I have been Card Making machines this week completing about 30ish so far, and whilst I have been focusing on Festive lovelies Julie has made some gorgeous more everyday/birthday style cards, this is possibly driven by the fact that her birthday is next week and so her festivity does not start kicking into Christmas gear until after that.

So I will be sharing some of our cards and will try and give you some ideas and if nothing else hope it inspires you to get out your craft stuff and get creative. Craft is a fantastic hobby but I know that most of you (like me) have to try remember that buying it and tidying it isn't all we're supposed to do with our lovely craft supplies so lets get making.

Have fun everyone

Bev x

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