Monday, May 09, 2011

Holidays and Craft Space

Good Afternoon Bee Crafty'ers

How are we, well it's finally rained here in beautiful Warwickshire, had to be done otherwise we were destined to become a desert people :).

I (Bev) have been away for the last week in beautiful (but exceedingly windy Cornwall), it wasn't all bad Wednesday was absolutely stunning we could see (and could have walled if I felt the need) all the way around the by to St Ives

Believe it or not David and Abi are also in this picture, all the way down by the water getting water for Sandcastles.

Well we returned home and I am so happy to be back at Bee Crafty, I am so lucky too not everyone looks forward to work after a holiday but I do :).

Well after unpacking and washing (bleuurrrgh) I opened up my craft room and it turns out there are NO tidy up fairies for craft rooms, I left them a note and everything in the hope that in they would come and sort through the mounds of stash left, but alas no and this is how my craft room looks

So I am going to tidy it . . . YES I AM, you see if I keep saying it, it's possible it might just happen, I will upload photos to the Bee Crafty facebook page as progress is made and you can always post pictures of your craft space and we'll sort and tidy together, in fact lets all post pictures of our Craft Rooms/Space/Messy Drawers and we will have a prize draw at the end of the month :)

SO I will set up the album now and don't foget to load your picture :)

Bev x:)

1 comment:

Maymac said...

That's only one side of your craftroom, in fact the bit you work on,is the other side the same or is it tidy?
Mine is like that in all corners, in fact I think it might even be worse

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