Monday, January 23, 2012

I totally heart this.....

hearty hanger!

Hi Everyone how are you?

Saturday just passed was the first Saturday workshop of the year and what a good start we're off to

So they set sail at 10am with the kit including some beautiful Kaisercraft papers and some ink and some inspiration....

Julie took the class and a great time was had by all.  The great thing about the workshop was that there weren't two projects taken away that were the same.  Essentially this means that whilst we try to provide a great inspiration by means of booking your workshop the finished article is always how you want it to be. 

Here they are almost at the finish point - as you can see there is a bit more going on at this stage. 

All of our workshops include free tea and coffee too (I don't know many crafters who can go without).

So the finished article (the one that inspired them to come to the workshop) is this one
Also created by Julie I think you would have to agree it is stunning!!!

Well I'm just about done so the last thing I thought I'd mention incase you hadn't seen
we're having a sale - click here to see whats on offer!!!

Take care everyone

Sam xxx

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