Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Stamps, Stamps & NEW STAMPS

Good Evening All,

Well after a short delay the first 6 WORDage stamps are now available to order and better than that it will not hold up the release of the next set of stamps which will be a picture stamp unlike anything we have seen before, and if that wasn't enough on the way to us right now is NEW release from Elisabeth Bell and Wee stamps so there really is something for everyone at Bee Crafty.

Along with the manufacture of our own NEW ranges (of which there will be many) we can also manufacture stamps to your own design, only up to A6 at the moment (as that is my largest polymer size in stock) but soon we will be able to make you anything up to A4, there is of course a quantity discount if you order lots but you only have to order 1 if thats what you want, so if you were looking for something personal to you for say Christmas or a Wedding, easy peasy :)

All of our stamps are self cling, high quality polymer and create a beautiful stamped image on Tgas, Chipboard, Cards & Pages, and the WORDage stamps are so versatile due to the duo size availablility :)

There is loads more up and coming at Bee Crafty and due to my ever expanding bump it will all be scheduled for the next few months so even when I am off Julie will be keeping you up to date will all the newest releases and if you pop in the shop she'll probably even let you play with some of the NEW products, so why not pop in (you may even get a sneaky peak of whats coming next)

See you soon

Bev x

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