Friday, June 01, 2012

Playing with the NEW templates

Good Afternoon All,

Well me & Julie had a long list of very important and productive tasks to do today so as I'm sure you can imagine we were very good and got all of that done before we played with NEW goodies . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . and if you believe that you'll believe anything :)

Well I was tring to be good and then Julie starting playing with thw new Inkables Templates and
they are fab, I'd had a little go before but some of the designs we added later I hadn't seen so as you can imagine productivity was temporarily (well almost completely) abandoned in order to play.

The first to be played with was the Damask Inkable
and here it is after embossing and some very light distress inking

How gorgeous is that, so not only are they spritable, inkable and doodleable, they are also embossible in a very very beautiful way.

While we were messing we decided to have a go with some others, along side some Banksy Stamps

Using the Brick Wall Inkable and the Guerilla Check Banksy, as you can see you also get a small Banksy grafitti tag with the stamp they can choose whether ot not to use

 So what mum did was stamp the Banksy stamp, emboss through the Big Shot then ink through using a Distress ink

This was my play, I embossed first and on what would be the negative embossed side (where the chainlink inkable had been pressed in) I stamped the Banksy. I then went over the chainlink grooves first with a black sharpie and then a HB pencil to get the silvery highlights and then distressed the edges and layered.

I hope you like the samples and the Inkables Templates, they are soo versatile.

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Bev x

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Sue said...

Fab cards

Claireliz said...

Fantastic cards.

fatmonica said...

Great cards-I'm loving those Banksy stamps!

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