Monday, August 06, 2012

Monday Stamp Release: Mackintosh

Good Afternoon Crafters,

Come on then admit it, WHO stole my day,. I am telling you this has been a super quick day my long list of Monday morning jobs seems to have got longer not shorter so I am sorry for the lateness of the hour regarding the stamp release but I hope you will forgive me as it is a
with not only 3 but SIX brand new designs.

May I introduce

now this is an exciting range for several reasons 2 of which are they are just gorgeous fabby designs in approx 9cm x 6cm

but also as for this range we have made some bigger, longer style stamps which are brill for borders, DL cards or journals and pages

These are approx 2cm x 14cm

So pop onto the website to see all 6 you can find them on the Mackintosh Page

See you Soon
Bev x

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