Monday, March 26, 2007

I'm sorry AGAIN!!

I'm really sorry I haven't been on for ages, trust me I have had the rollicking of a certain customer who should really remain nameless KAREN!!!!! who tells me it its atrocious that I have let it go so long, and as much as it pains me she's right hee hee. I'm a terrible bloggy person, but if you've been in the shop you'll understand, so much new stash, so many people!! It's wonderful to see everyone all the oldies (KAREN!!!) and the new faces too. The boss is off poorly today so it's just me and Donna in the shop so if you wanna come in and keep us company and have a look at all our new fabby things feel free ( you never know we might even make you a cuppa) I'm hoping to get some new things on the gallery over the next few days so keep your eyes peeled (not literally of course OUCH!) and I'll let you know when,

See you soon



Anonymous said...

Poor Julie - I hope she's feelin better! The poor woman is worked to death - she needs a good week in bed!!!? Hmmmm Now now Bill - not you as well - you can pamper to her every need! Ahhhh - hope springs eternal ......
Anyway hope you are all ok - you've got some fantastic new stock in! I keep saying I'm not going to spend but ..... well what are we here for if not to enjoy ourselves! I'm goin' to the NEC tomorrow so I will tell you if they got anything new - knowing you though you've already got it somewhere - hidden in a little corner!
Anyway see you mad beings very soon
Love KAREN!!!

Anonymous said...

By the way - I'm NOT OLD!!!

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