Wednesday, September 12, 2007

TIS I :)

Hello, 'tis me again.

Well it's been 24hours since my return from a week-end in Holland and what a fabby time Dh and I had. Not only did we manage to go to the suppliers and buy lots of new goodies but we managed a couple of days to ourselves just mouching around doing touristy type things.

Here's a couple of picture's of the barges on the Waal Canal that is at the bottom of the road to where we go. Can you see the beaches on the other side, the canals have these all along them, it's just beautiful. also we've brought back some fabby new workshop ideas so watch out for these being posted in the workshop section of the website.

and just for the hell of it here's a couple of picture's I took as we drove along the coast below Calais.

How lovely is that - and those guy's didn't catch anything the whole time we were there either and another fool went swimming.......
well the sun's come out so I'm of to do some gardening, yes I'm having another day off, how cool is that. It's all thanks to my lovely girls and now that Sam is on board it should happen a bit more often, so take care and speak to you soon.
Julie-Ann xx

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