Wednesday, September 05, 2007

When did she do that???

I was convinced I watched her like a hawk!! I have to she's probably off ordering stuff now whilst I talk to you. ah well new month so I'll let her away with it.

The VAT finally got finished but I don't know why it was a real slog this time just seemed never ending and every time I though I was finished a new pile of receipts would just pop up out of nowhere and all my figures would have to be done.

To anyone local, did you see my ugly mug in the Cotswold and Vale, double chins galore, I must be one of the very most unphotogenic people on the planet, don't get me wrong very very very very occasionally there is a photo of me I don't thing urrrrrrggghhhhh but in general, yup that's what I think. I was very chuffed with my article though, don't get me wrong rereading there is probably a few grammatical oopsies that I would take care of but none as big as crapbooking, which their person wrote last year I could of screamed my head off, PLUS it makes us all see how important one letter is:)

Anywho(sorry I get the feeling I'm rambling)is everyone back to regularity i.e. schools going back or are we all still recovering from the summer holidays? Well my gorgeous little nephew had his very first day at school yesterday, it was sooooo exciting PLUS it was his birthday too, so we had a Scooby Doo Party which was lots of fun, with a Mystery Machine Cake, that the boss had made for him by a lady that comes in the shop which was not only funky but absolutely delicious, chocolate yummy yum yum.

Right I'm gonna get and get back to it, if I don't get back before it's me and Sam this weekend so come by and say hello



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