Saturday, January 23, 2010

So thats that then....

....the SALE is officially over!!!

So what happens next?

Well there is plenty of course!  We are a crafty bunch and now it's time to use it all.

We have a wide range of workshops coming up and over the next little while and a series from Michelle-Jackson Mogford.  What this means for you as the customer is that we can offer you the solutions to knowing whether a particular crafting route is for you!  So for example if you are keen to try Heat embossing then there is  a workshop for this on Tuesday 16th of February 2010 10am-12noon for just £10.  This means you can come along without the cost of buying all of the materials and then if you decide you like it then you can invest in the right tools not the other way round.

Or why not come and do a class where we put a layout together.  The one below was a page I did within a Cybercrop but what it shows is that when the initial idea is put together you can create great pages with your materials and capture the memories you want to.

Hoping that you are all well

Take care

Sam xxx

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