Saturday, January 29, 2011

Thank heaven for the weekend...'s crafty time!

I thought I would talk embellishments today as I'm in the shop just mooching round and came across some little bargains which I thought you'd like to know about.

One of the big trends with cards at the moment are what we refer to as Accent Pins, some people say hat pins but basically they are pins with a jewelled top to them, largely used with a ribbon tie of some sort they bring a certain amount of glamour and finesse to your cards without being garish.  We currently stock 6 different sorts however are hoping to increase this range as the trend for them continues.

My absolute favourite out of them all is the Pearl Droplet...

To me this one just looks very classic

Below is the Acrylic Crystal

last but by no means least the pink pearl

To view the range of these click here to go to our website

Well I hope you like them and be sure to have a good look around the website as there are things being reduced at various points.

Take Care

Sam xxx

1 comment:

Debz said...

Another use for the Artic Crystal pins would be to use them as accents in a Brides Bouquet

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