Wednesday, January 19, 2011

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Afternoon/Evening all.

How the devil are we?  I am great - had a great day at the shop, the sun was shining so can't really ask for more than that. 

We had a lovely lady and her mum in the shop today talking about wedding stationery so I thought that I would give you a bit of info on that and see what other things I can think about along the way.  Here at Bee Crafty we are asked for wedding stationery on a weekly basis, often more than once.  It's the first time that any of your potential guests get a glimpse of your big day and as such needs to be perfect.  Everyone wants something specific for them but as with everything the cost is crucial, doing your wedding stationery with us means you don't have to compromise on either. 

This is the Ivory Linen Collection - you can view the range on our website here we also have samples of the invitations in the shop so if you wanted to have a good look then do pop in. 

I think the thing with this stationery is that it's a great place within your wedding to make savings yet still have the designs that you want.  Also if there is some sort of theme, at whatever level, that you wish to create we will do all we can to facilitate this.

So have a look on the website and if you want a closer look or just to have a chat and work something out.

So just before I go can you tell me what sort of interesting themed weddings have you been to or how was a theme brought to the wedding?  Just comment on this page and let me know.

Take care

Sam xxx

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BridalBoutique said...

Last year I was invited to a wedding where the theme was Pink & purple....the invites were beautifully hand crafted ;o) x

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