Friday, March 02, 2012

Afternoon Crafty Peeps,

Well it has been a busy week down at the hive for WEDDINGS. I love doing Wedding Stationery and this week we have been very busy doing invites, order of service, table plans and favors (all for different weddings). It is hard work but great fun, as me and Dave got married in 2010 the worst bit is missing doing all the things and although I was very happy with all the colour choices etc I made you always want to try a different one.

And thats why I love doing them as I get to do all different styles and colour combinations and what I really like about 21st century brides (of any age) they know they no longer have to conform to a set of rules or "How things should be done", you want mini eggs instead of sugared almonds, BRILLIANT :)

Unfortunately I can't show you any of what we have been making as the Weddings haven't happened yet and I wouldn't want to risk any of the guests seeing the result sbefor eth ebig day, but I will be putting together some fab NEW samples soon so pop in or keep your eyes peeled.

Oooh whilst I remember if you are getting married and want to have a go at making your own, our in stock Luxury DIY Stationery is half marked price in store, none of it's discontinued but we have decided not to hold stock anymore and order exactly what you need as and when.

Easter is coming there is no way of avoiding the choccie mayhem, supermarket shelves are overflowing and the ensuing price war is about to begin. If you send Easter cards or as is becoming quite popular Spring cards we have some great ideas in the shop on our easter display
We do have some fabby plans for over easter with childrens classes in the holidays and a DEMO for Good Friday so keep your eyes peeled for upcoming dates

This Sunday is our last Sunday Crop everybody sigh aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

BUT dont worry we're still having them just on the first Saturday of the month instead, and you can book online or instore.

Thanks for reading & Have a great weekend

Bev x

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